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Different footwear used at beach

Posted by Mihir Varia on

  • Apart from food, skin and hairs, other thing that we have to think about is footwear at beach. Now a days there are many different varieties are available of footwear for beach.
  • Flipflop/strap shoes are most common choice for beaches as they are light in weight, easy to wear and remove and so many varieties and colors are available to match Hawaiian clothes.
  • Sand socks, may be unattractive to many, but they are comfortable and protect your skin.
  • A soft-soled shoe like the  five fingers or pocket slippers are very famous these days specially in people involved in water sports. They are light and allow for most of your foot to flex naturally, which you will need in the sand. They are also available waterproof quality.
  • Barefoot sandles, which are used with or without flipflop. These are specially for female, althogh men's varieties are also available. These sandles comes in many variety materials like beads, shells, cotton yarn etc. This product makes you looking different and stunning. These are also used in special in beach wedding.
  • So these were footwear and don't forget to check out for new Hawaiian shirts.


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