Hair care tips for a day at beach
  • In our joyous beach activities, we tend to forget that our hair isn’t exactly best friends with the sun and the sea.
  • The easiest, but not always the most obvious thing is to tie up your hair.Try braiding it up in whacky ways or do a simple bun to avoid the painful knots later on!
  • After beach time , do wash your hair with shampoo as soon as possible, and ensure that the scalp is cleaned of all the sediments of salt or sand from the day, as they tend to cause itchiness later on.
  • One thing you should never do after a day in the heat is to blow dry it with hot air – it only adds to the damage!
  • Finally, the beach is the best place to experiment with hair accessories. Bright colors ,feathers, beads are definitely a good idea.
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